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SUNDAY - WEDNESDAY           11AM - 9PM






Matt Denny's Ale House has been in Arcadia since 1999. We are a family style restaurant and pub and a great place for lunch or dinner. We offer salads, sandwiches, smoked meats, pasta, ribs, steaks, chicken and seafood. We offer a full bar, moderately priced wines and 28 different draught beers. We specialize in independently brewed beer and support many of our local breweries. This is where the locals come for great food and conversation. We have TV's for the sports, but we keep the sound down unless it is a big game. Stop by for a pint.



Matt Denny was the only son of an Irish Sea Captain. Most of Matt Denny's childhood was spent running back and forth between the eastern seaboard and the Caribbean. Born on Key West, and schooled in the deep water ports of the warm Caribbean seas, Matt loved the colors and the flavors of these tropical playgrounds. By the age of fourteen, Matt was working as a cook at the only place to eat in Pirate's Cove, Jimmy Havana Day Dream. Matt's family was lost at sea in the Bermuda Triangle. so Matt decided to leave the Caribbean and try his luck in Mexico. He opened a cantina with a friend where pirates bought and sold hard to get cargo. He moved from the Caribbean to Mexico and then to the Pacific Northwest. Today we use the same recipes that Matt Denny developed during his lifetime.


Are you looking for a place with good food, beer, wine and cocktails? Then look no further! Matt Denny’s Ale House Restaurant in Arcadia is just waiting to serve you and your group. Matt Denny’s has been in the City of Arcadia for over 17 years. During that time, we have grown roots and are very involved in this wonderful community. We have built a comfortable Restaurant and would love to have you join us for lunch or dinner.

We have an extensive menu that will make your mouth water. We serve great salads, sandwiches, burgers, smoked meats, chicken, ribs and steaks. We make our dressings, sauces and seasoned BBQ rub from homemade recipes. With our extensive menu, you are guaranteed to find something that will satisfy any appetite.

Matt Denny’s Ale House prides itself on our draft beer selection. We feature 28 beers on tap. We have a great variety of pilsners, ales and stouts. We have rotating beer handles, so every several days, there is a new beer to wet your whistle. The wine selection is made up of more than 30 quality California whites and reds at reasonable prices. Our liquor cabinet is filled with “most” anything you would want. The single malt scotch and tequila choices are staggering.

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